Evaluate the exclusive patterns of Phulkari Products

‘Phulkari’, precisely meaning the flower working, is intended to improve the beauty of outfit. It is a work of art, in which precise adornment is done over shawls, dupattas and headscarves, in a simple and sparse design. The vast majority of the ladies in small towns and villages are busy for making amazing Phulkari shawls, dupattas and other garments. However, women loved the task and became experts in Phulkari that made decent looking fabrics, look delicate. The colors highly used for the floral print were yellow, green, orange, pink and blue. Some of the darn stitches were diagonal, horizontal, and vertical to bring out the various shades in design. The craft serves as a depiction of the complex rural culture and rich heritage of Punjab. If you buy any kind of Phulkari products visit at punnjab.com